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Watch Tamil Movie Sembattai 2014 - PART 01/10 Movie Review: Sembattai starts off well, telling us the story of two brothers, two men ostracized by society - because one is mentally ill and the other is determined to do anything to keep his sibling happy. The biggest plus of the movie is the scenic beachside, captured in all its glory by cinematographer Saleem. As we slowly get sucked in to the locales, the director takes his time to establish the characters. But then the screenplay meanders, leaving the audience with more questions than answers. Sample this: Kayampoo finds it difficult to make ends meet. But when people fool him, his pocket seems like an ATM machine waiting to empty itself. In another instance, Kayampoo's friend is killed for standing up against the middlemen who sell their daily catch. But nobody talks about it till Kayampoo decides stand up. Such glaring errors put the audience off and affect the movie's flow. Also, the director switches back and forth between the brotherly love, the problems of the fishermen and the unrequited love story of a girl ( Gowri Nambiar), who is head over heels in love with Kayampoo. The movie looses its way as the director attempts to incorporate too many disparate elements. It would have been ideal had Ganesh stuck to one concrete idea. His touch as director shows in patches, with ample support by cinematographer Saleem and composer Sreeraghav. Srijith does well as a concerned brother but a bit of polish will do him well. Dilipan is competent in the titular character. Had the director not beaten around the bush, Sembattai could have been a much better watch. Starring: Dilipan, Gauri Nambiar, Sreejith. Director: Ganesh. Watch Tamil 2014 Full Movie. Subscribe to our channel and watch full movies,dubbed Tamil movie,new movies 2014,Tamil new movie,Tamil movies full only on Biscoot Simply South. We have collection of new Tamil movies 2014, new release Tamil movies 2014, Dubbed Tamil Movie, full movie 2014, new movies 2014. Catch Tamil full movie, full movie,movies Tamil,full Tamil movies,Tamil dubbed movie,Tamil movies with english subtitles,online Tamil movies,latest Tamil movies only on Biscoot Tamil

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